Sports Betting Odds: What It Is



The first advice that experienced bettors give a beginner player: look for profitable odds. Sports Betting Ratio is a key concept faced by every player who is going to wager. We will tell you everything about what the coefficient is, how it is calculated, what the margin is, and what types of coefficients can be found.


What are sports betting odds?

The coefficient is the result of calculations by the specialists of the bookmaker company, which has every bet offered on the 바카라사이트. You can consider the coefficient from two sides:


This is the number that determines how much the player will win if the bet enters.

This is a figure that reflects the probability with which a particular outcome will occur, according to the bookmaker’s experts.

The higher the coefficient, the lower the probability of the event occurring, and vice versa. For example, in a match between Real Madrid and the team that dangles at the back of La Liga, the odds for the victory of the “creamy” will be in the region of one, and the odds for the victory of the opponent will be around ten. For example, as in the screenshot of the site1xBet…


Sports Betting Ratio


Different types of odds can be found on the website of different bookmaker companies:


European – such odds are written as decimal fractions, for example, 1.1. The most common type of odds shows a multiplier for the bet amount to determine the potential winnings.

American – odds with plus or minus. For example, +586 or – 769. The negative factor shows how much you need to bet in order to get a net profit of 100 units. For example, 769 units (dollars) must be delivered to get 100 units (dollars) of net profit. The plus sign shows how much profit the player will get by placing 100 units. That is, with a bet of 100 units (dollars), the player will receive 586 units (dollars).


British – written as a simple fraction, such as 4/3. This means that for three units (dollars) of the bet, the player receives 4 units (dollars) of profit.

You can also meet Malaysian, Hong Kong, and Indonesian types of keys.


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