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  • Android users can now delete Google search history from last 15 minutes

    Kris Carlon / Android Authority TL;DR Google’s Android app is getting an option to delete search history for the last 15 minutes with just one tap. The feature should roll out to all Android users in the coming weeks. However, people would like Google to also give 30 and 60-minute options. Google is finally letting […]

  • You Can Now Collaborate on Email Drafts in Google Docs – Review Geek

    Mongta Studio/Shutterstock.com Have you ever tried to remotely collaborate on drafting a lengthy email? It ain’t easy, but thanks to a new update for Google Workspace, it doesn’t have to suck anymore. Now you (and your friends or coworkers) can collaborate directly from Google Docs, easy peasy. With a new email draft template, you can […]

  • How to Copy Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

    You can always set up another conditional formatting rule in Google Sheets for one set of cells exactly the same as another. But why do the extra work? Here are a few ways you can copy your conditional formatting. Use the Format Painter By using the Format Painter in Google Sheets, you can easily copy your formatting […]

  • How to Create a Shortcut to Google Assistant Family Bell

    Google Assistant’s Family Bell feature makes it easy to schedule announcements on Google Nest speakers and displays, along with Android devices. It can be annoying to get to the Family Bell settings. We’ll show you how to make a shortcut. There isn’t really a direct way to access the plethora of Google Assistant settings. Thankfully, […]

  • How to View SSL Certificate Details in Google Chrome

    SSL certificates are essential for HTTPS and modern encryption to work correctly. Google Chrome has occasionally changed where you can view the SSL certificate of the website you’re visiting. Here’s how you can view it now. How to View SSL Certificates in Google Chrome Google Chrome originally let you view SSL certificates by clicking on […]