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  • Android users can now delete Google search history from last 15 minutes

    Kris Carlon / Android Authority TL;DR Google’s Android app is getting an option to delete search history for the last 15 minutes with just one tap. The feature should roll out to all Android users in the coming weeks. However, people would like Google to also give 30 and 60-minute options. Google is finally letting […]

  • Apple blocks Apple TV purchases on Android TV

    Robert Triggs / Android Authority TL;DR It is not possible to buy or rent content through Apple TV on Android TV. The app instead tells you to use an iPhone, iPad, or other streaming device. Apple hasn’t given an official comment, but the change is likely due to Google’s 30% commission fee. Over the past […]

  • Android users can now erase the last few minutes of weird searches

    Recap: Google has finally rolled out a “quick delete” setting that allows users to clear the last 15 minutes of history from its search app on Android. It announced the functionality about a year ago and released it to iPhones only a few months later. In May 2021, during an I/O event, Google announced an […]

  • How to Find the User Manual for an Android Phone

    Primakov/Shutterstock.com Everyone needs some help with their phone sometimes. Usually, a web search will point you in the right direction, but a user manual is a nice thing to have too. We’ll show you how to find one for your phone. Some Android phones don’t come with power cables anymore, but they almost all still […]

  • Apple TV app on Android TV no longer allows rentals, purchases, or subscriptions

    Apple has abruptly removed the option to rent or purchase movies through its Apple TV app on Android TV devices. This also affects devices running Google TV, like the 2020 Chromecast and recent TVs from Sony, TCL, and others. As noted by FlatPanelsHD and 9to5Mac, the previous ability to directly rent or buy content has […]