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  • VideoPad Video Editor 11.28 Download

    Designed to be intuitive, VideoPad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional quality videos in minutes. Create videos for DVD, HD, 360, YouTube and more Burn movies to DVD and Blu-ray or export your videos online and to your portable devices. Supports all popular video formats seamlessly Capture video from a DV camcorder, […]

  • RTX 3070 Ti heist at Russian warehouse ends with suspects being detained

    WTF?! Not for the first time, a heist has taken place in which the target wasn’t art, diamonds, or gold, but something just as valuable these days: graphics cards. Twenty RTX 3070 Ti cards, to be exact, but while the trio of thieves did manage to escape with the GPUs, they were later apprehended by […]

  • Apple’s M1 Ultra is a performance beast, but definitely not an RTX 3090 killer

    Bottom line: Apple is likely correct when it claims the M1 Ultra is the most powerful consumer-grade desktop chip, but that’s because it’s hard to compare an SoC with 114 billion transistors with what’s available now in the x86 space. Early benchmarks seem to suggest performance-per-watt is stellar, but GPU performance falls short against dedicated […]

  • Ubisoft unveils Scalar: cloud-based technology for creating extremely large-scale virtual worlds

    What just happened? Ahead of the Game Developers Conference, Ubisoft has announced Scalar, a new cloud-based technology for game development and gameplay. Scalar increases the flexibility and power for Ubisoft’s game engines, reducing dependency on end-user hardware. It also provides developers with new opportunities for developing games and improving the player experience. Ubisoft Scalar aims […]

  • MIT’s robot cheetah taught itself how to run fast and traverse tricky terrain

    What just happened? Scientists at MIT’S Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have trained a robotic cheetah to break the record for the fastest run ever recorded. The secret was to let the robot figure out how to run through trial and error rather than relying on human engineers to program the bot. As […]

  • Bundle for Ukraine raised nearly $6.4 million for charity

    In brief:’s colossal Bundle for Ukraine, a collection of nearly 1,000 items from indie developers collectively worth over $6,500, has come to an end. The indie games platform managed to raise $6,370,727.22 from a combined 449,644 contributors. The Bundle for Ukraine launched earlier this month, offering up nearly 600 video games as well as […]

  • Open-world Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy gets Holiday 2022 launch window

    Something to look forward to: The Harry Potter universe is one of the most well-known entertainment franchises in the world — it even has its own park at Disney World. However, it’s been a long time since we got a half-decent game set in everyone’s favorite wizarding school. Fortunately, that seems to be changing now: […]

  • Samsung refreshes the Galaxy A series with three new 5G phones

    Forward-looking: As promised, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy A series phones, revealing three models: A73 5G, A53 5G, and A33 5G. All three feature Super AMOLED displays of different sizes, 5G connectivity, four rear cameras, and a massive 5,000mAh capacity, offering up to two days of battery life. Starting from the top, the Galaxy A73 […]

  • Facebook locked out users for failing to enable Facebook Protect

    Facepalm: Meta made some recent changes regarding certain Facebook account holders. To notify those who needed to take action, Meta composed a suspiciously worded email and spammed it out to relevant users. Naturally, recipients treated the spam as such and are finding themselves locked out of their accounts for not taking the sketchy-looking email seriously. […]

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports Steam Deck

    What just happened? Ever since Valve first unveiled the Steam Deck, some have wondered about its potential to utilize Microsoft’s Game Pass service on the go. Now, Steam Deck owners can at least access Xbox Cloud Gaming similarly to how it’s done on mobile devices. On Friday, Microsoft announced that it got its cloud gaming […]