Apple blocks Apple TV purchases on Android TV

Apple blocks Apple TV purchases on Android TV

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  • It is not possible to buy or rent content through Apple TV on Android TV.
  • The app instead tells you to use an iPhone, iPad, or other streaming device.
  • Apple hasn’t given an official comment, but the change is likely due to Google’s 30% commission fee.

Over the past two years, there’s been quite a lot of controversy related to commission fees levied by both Apple and Google on their respective app stores. Although developers and content creators have fought back, the companies themselves haven’t really antagonized one another about it.

However, according to AppleInsider, Apple has blocked all rentals and purchases of media content from the Apple TV app on Android TV devices. This means if you have an Android TV (or Google TV) streamer, you can no longer buy content through Apple TV. Existing rentals and purchases appear to be unaffected.

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If you use an Android TV-based device and try to buy content from Apple TV, there won’t be a “Buy” button. Instead, there is a “How to Buy” button that tells you to use an iPhone, iPad, or another streaming device. There’s no option to buy or rent the content once you reach this message.

Apple TV Plus content, though, is unchanged. You can still consume this content on your Android TV-based systems.

Apple hasn’t given a comment on this situation yet. However, with the info we have, it is very likely a response to Google’s 30% commissions (although Apple’s fee might be lower than 30%). Because the change only applies to purchased/rented content and not streaming content through Apple TV Plus, that’s the only logical conclusion.

For what its worth, you can still buy and rent content from Apple TV on many other platforms, including Roku, LG’s webOS, Samsung smart TVs, and more.

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